Wind power

Bronto Skylift has supplied over 5000 insulated and non-insulated truck mounted access platforms including a substantial number to North American Utilities, making it the standard and preferential tool of transmission line maintenance around the world. Bronto Skylift's North American customers include WAPA Phoenix, PSE&G, Sierra Pacific Power, WAPA Colorado, Hydro-One, Basin Electric and WAPA Aspen.

Bronto Skylift is now extending its product range of large truck mounted access platforms to meet the increasing demand for wind turbine maintenance.

Offering access to heights from 46 meters (150 ft) to 112 meters (365 ft) Bronto’s product range provides access to over 95% of wind towers currently in use in the USA.

Bronto Skylift access platforms provide safe and economical access to rotor blades. The wind energy productive pack includes a 9-feet wide work platform with integrated electricity, air pressure and water connections. Electricity generator, pressure washer and water tank are optionally available.

Complete set-up procedure and lifting of the access platform to e.g. 90 meter height takes less than 10 minutes. The Bronto Skylift access platforms provide superior productivity for inspecting, cleaning and repairing rotor blades on wind turbines.

Special consideration has been given to safety. Standard safety features include:

        Rigid work platform permanently attached to the telescopic boom allowing safe operation in windy conditions (up to 12 m/s)
        Operation controlled from the platform giving superior visibility and operational accuracy
        Intercom between platform and ground
        Cage load sensor and overload alarm
        Wind speed indicator and alarm
        Two emergency descent systems in case of e.g. fuel running out
        Interlocks preventing the lifting of the booms until the outriggers have ground pressure and the unit is leveled correctly
        Emergency stop functions from the work platform, ground control and outrigger control center

Learn more about Bronto Skylift Access Platforms:
AERIAL WORK PLATFORMS for turbine inspection and maintenance (PDF brochure)
(US tabloid version here)
XDT Range- Fully telescopic units upto 78 m (150 ft)
HLA Range- Articulated units upto 104 m (340 ft)

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